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Ultragold Limited is Hong Kong’s leading fully integrated, innovative precious metals enterprise, providing premium gold products and services to markets throughout the world.

About Ultragold Limited

Ultragold has been providing gold refining and minting services in Hong Kong for over 20 years. Located in Hong Kong’s Hung Hom district, southeast of the Kowloon Peninsula.

The relationship we have forged with both miners and consumers is unique and is at the heart of our success. This relationship spans the entire spectrum of the precious metal value chain, from the mines themselves to the delivery of physical products and investment solutions to markets the world over.

Gold Storage Solutions

We offer segregated metal storage for our clients. The metals we store are fully insured by our insurance policy. The rates listed below are annual charges, storage fees will be billed annually on July 1st. Storage fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis up to July 1st for the first billing period.

$4 USD or HKD equivalent per ounce annually
*Minimum of 50 ounces required to open an account

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